Resin Art Furniture

Resin Art Furniture

Resin art furniture. Resin coffee table with copper pin legs

Our resin art furniture is a great way to add colour into any space. Whether that's a coffee table (as pictured) a dining table or TV stand. Resin art furniture is unique, eye catching and hardwearing. 

Here at The Resin Workshop Co, we create handmade, bespoke pieces for furniture that are unique. 

We can create items for homes, offices and restaurants that can be tailored in colour, size, shape and style to suit you. 

We use epoxy resins mixed with coloured pigments to create hardwearing but stunning pieces of furniture. Whether it's for a kitchen, dining room or bar top we have created piece's for home and commercial business. 

Resin art tables

The epoxy resin creates a waterproof, heat resistant surface so you can also have resin in your kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors.

For more information, pricing and a free quotation email us on or call us on 01637 499912

 Black and white circle resin art table.